Adventist Meetings offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Some of the services listed below are complimentary, while others are available for a fee. Contact us at 800-732-7587 for more information.

Site Selection
Adventist Meetings staff will provide the Client with site selections complete with pricing, availability, and all other pertinent information. All contracts and fee negotiation will be coordinated by Adventist Meetings staff and presented to the Client for approval. Adventist Meetings staff will coordinate all sleeping rooms in conjunction with hotel.

Promotional Strategy
Adventist Meetings staff will work with the Client to create a promotional strategy that will reach the target audience.

Promotional Material Creation
Adventist Meetings staff will assist the Client in the production of all written materials, although the Client will take the lead on producing invitation materials and program content information for the event.

Promotional Material Print/Mail
Adventist Meetings staff will provide price quotes for print and mail services for all promotional pieces. Once quotes are approved by the Client, Adventist Meetings staff will execute the agreed upon strategy.

Event Website
Adventist Meetings staff will create an event-specific website. The complexity of the site will depend on the event and the Client’s budget.

Registration Services
Adventist Meetings staff will provide a complete online and 800# registration service that provides up-to-date information on registration numbers and demographics and also provides an email communication tool to connect with people who have registered.

Exhibitor/Vendor Promotion
Adventist Meetings will create an event prospectus and mail/email to our list of potential vendors for each event. The scope of promotion will be tailored to meet each event.

Exhibit/Vendor Registration
Adventist Meetings will set up online and 800# registration for vendors, collect funds, and provide communication via email prior to the event.

Exhibit Hall On-Site Management
Adventist Meetings will provide management oversight for the vendor hall. This service will be tailored to meet the needs of the event, but could include working with a vendor for booth set-up, creating an exhibitor map, and working with vendors on-site to ensure their success at your event.

Adventist Meetings staff will coordinate all menus and pricing to provide to the Client. All logistics, arrangements, and supervision of the catering staff will be overseen by Adventist Meetings staff. 

Adventist Meetings staff will coordinate all decorations as requested by the Client such as tablecloths, flowers, and any other decorative items. Adventist Meetings staff will also coordinate all signage as necessary.

Video/Audio Services
Adventist Meetings staff will secure video or audio recording services as requested by the Client. All contracts and arrangements will be coordinated by Adventist Meetings staff.

Adventist Meetings staff will coordinate the travel and lodging requirements for all speakers as necessary. Adventist Meetings staff will act as the liaison with the speakers to make all logistical arrangements, confirm A/V requirements, and troubleshoot.

Audio/Visual, Lighting, and Staging
Adventist Meetings staff will coordinate all A/V and/or lighting requirements and coordinate all bids, installation, and logistics relating to technical set-up in general session and breakout rooms.

Adventist Meetings staff will coordinate with parking facilities to provide convenient and easy parking for guests.

Bus, van, or other specific transportation needs for the event can be coordinated by the Adventist Meetings staff.

Detailed Timeline and Information Package
Five days prior to event, Adventist Meetings staff will provide the Client with a detailed choreography. All vendor information and other relevant details will be included.

On-Site Event Management
Adventist Meetings staff will be on-site in advance of the event to oversee every aspect of the physical set-up including, but not limited to, catering, A/V, props and decorations, greeting table, outlay of programs, etc. Adventist Meetings staff will supervise all vendors, oversee registration, coordinate the timing of all activities with facility, and oversee all logistics during an event.