Seminar, Workshop, Convention Contract

Please complete this form and click submit. Enter NA in fields that do not apply to you. You will be notified when your event has been approved. We kindly ask that you do not use PlusLine's 800 number in any advertising until you have received approval to do so.

If you are planning an event (concert or program) that doesn't fit into the typical seminar, convocation or conference format, click here.

1. What is the name of your event? 

2. What are the starting and ending dates and times of your event?
(i.e. Thursday, June 5, Opening Session, 7:00 p.m. through Sunday, June 8, Closing Session, 12 Noon)  

Start Date:   
End Date:   

3. Where will it be held? (Please list the name of the site, street address and phone number)

4. Give a brief description of what will take place.

5. Is a pre-selection of workshops required? 

If yes, please furnish a list of workshops below.

6. Who may attend?

7. Are individuals allowed to bring children? 

If yes, will there be supervised activities for them?

If yes, what will be provided? 

Will baby-sitting be an option?  Cost (per child?) $  

8. What is the expected capacity for your event? 

9. Beginning and ending times of your daily schedule (i.e. Monday, June 4, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.).

10. List the names and titles of the featured speakers for your event?

11. What is the the registration fee for each attendee?

Please Note: If the registration fee includes meals, or if there is a higher registration fee that includes meals please state it here: (Registration fee with meals:   Includes #  meals).

(If meals are included in your event, we require you have a one-price meal package. Due to previous complications, PlusLine will not process itemized meals and other individualized options).

Do you have a special rate for Spouse attendance?   Child attendance?

Youth?  Students?  Seniors?

If you have an early bird registration fee, please state this and the early bird cut-off date. We recommend that you have your early bird rate cut off on a Tuesday or Thursday:

Early Bird Fee: $    Early Bird cut-off date: 

Group discounts. If you are offering group discounts, please list group size and dollar amount of discount (i.e. groups of 5 or more persons will receive a $7 per person discount).


Group Registrations: We will process group registrations that are well documented and paid for by one individual or institution (with one credit card or check). Large group registrations must be mailed or faxed. The size of group registrations that are phoned in may not exceed 3 persons (exceptions will be made for families).

12. When is the overall cut-off date for pre-event registration?

PlusLine requires a registration cut-off of at least 3 business days prior to the event. This makes it possible for us to provide the registration information you need when the event begins. We encourage the registration cut-off to be on a Tuesday or Thursday. After the cut-off date you can provide on-site registration for latecomers if you wish. 

Please Note:
After the registration cut-off date is past, any substitutions must be made in person at the event location. We recommend that the one taking the place of the previously registered party present a letter onsite that clearly lists the parties involved (who is being deleted and added).

Late registration fees: (if applicable)

13. If people do not pre-registered can they still come to the event and register on-site?  

14. List the date, beginning and ending times for on-site registration.

Start Date:   
End Date:   

15. If yes, what forms of payment will you accept on-site? (Check all that apply)
Cash  Check  Money Order  Credit Card  

16. If you accept checks and money orders, who should they be made out to?

17. Can people register for, and/or attend any part of your event and pay less?

(i.e. Sabbath only per person $____ includes: Lunch?____ Banquet?____ Other: ____)

18. What is your refund policy? For example, you might say, "requests must be made in writing and sent to the event coordinator by the start of the event." You are responsible for determining your own refund policy. We recommend that you assess a cancellation fee of at least $10 per cancellation, or assign a percentage

19. If meals are included in your registration fee, please itemize the meals that apply (i.e. list Friday supper, Sabbath breakfast and lunch, etc). We strongly recommend that you have a meal package that is either part of your registration fee, or that can be purchased separately. Selling individual meals can be very troublesome.

20. Lodging arrangements.  Lodging and registration fees must be separate from one another. In other words, we do not process hotel fees. Attendees must secure their own rooms separately with a hotel. An exception will be made if your event is at a youth camp. In this setting you may include lodging as part of your total fee. Please fill A or B below and provide the requested details.

A. We'll be at a hotel:
Please list the name, address and phone number of the hotel. If you do not have a designated hotel, we suggested that you provide a list of area options for attendees to consider.

B. We'll be at a camp: Please list the name, address and phone number of the camp. What are the fees?

Housing # persons:  per room. Meals $ (package)

21. What organization or code should attendees give to receive special hotel rates?

22. Nearest airport: 
Ground transportation: 

23. What kind of clothing is appropriate?

Casual  Dressy Casual  Sabbath  Semi-formal  Formal  Other  

24. Are there any other specific instructions you want us to convey to callers?

25. Please list contact(s) for registrants to call with additional questions (must be able to respond daily if needed).


PLEASE NOTE: PlusLine is equipped to handle all major credit cards. Please make it clear in your advertising that payment can be made by American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or check. Please note: Charge-backs (contested fees) are the responsibility of the event planner.

PlusLine provides registration services to church organizations and/or supporting ministries for a $100 set-up fee, plus $3.50 per person registered and/or canceled. In addition, you will be assessed the credit card bank fees (usually around 3%) for processing your credit card registrations and cancellations. Organizations who use our services for 2 or more events within the same calendar year will receive a 25% discount on the setup fee after the first event.

In return event planners receive: 

(1) Live phone registration service (A consultant will take caller's name, address and credit card information).

(2) 24-hour online registration services via PlusLine's website.

(3) Processing of checks and/or credit card payments. 

(4) On-going event information services to registrants and other PlusLine callers.

(5) A quick turn around of event monies so you can plan and execute your event.

(6) The ability to view your real-time registrant Excel roster online with a password

(7) The ability to send an email message to all who are registered for your event.

(8) The ability to create name tags from your event roster.

Discounts and Additional Services

PlusLine website panel ad:  (See PlusLine website for panel fees.)

PlusLine website PlusLink ad:  (See PlusLine website for PlusLink fees.)

Multiple events:  If this is your second event with PlusLine in the same calendar year you are entitled to a 25% discount on the $100 set-up fee: 

How to handle checks.  Check should be made payable to PlusLine.Org. We recommend that you request only cashier checks or money orders. Otherwise, funds paid to PlusLine by personal check will be forwarded to you when the checks have cleared the bank. If you have further questions call 1-800-732-7587.

Payment to Event Coordinators:  All funds are paid to the event after the close of registration
when the final event statement and payment are sent. Since PlusLine sends the final event statement and payment before an event takes place, very few organizations feel the need for a partial payment during the time registrations are being processed. If a partial payment is deemed necessary, one check will be generated and sent to the sponsoring organization. Please keep in mind, while registrations are being taken PlusLine holds a percentage of event funds to cover registration expenses and refunds. Once registration ends and the event closes payment is usually made within 3 business days to the sponsoring organization. 

Payment checks are mailed on Mondays and Thursdays by regular mail, unless you request otherwise. If you require FED EX mailing the additional fee will appear as a line item on your final statement.

Contract for PlusLine Services

For verification purposes, please provide the following:

(For reference/verification).

NOTE: Using PlusLine's registration services does not constitute sponsorship by PlusLine, the North American Division, or any Union Conference.

Only one person (event coordinator) should be assigned to work with PlusLine throughout the entire event process. All change-requests and communication must come from this person to PlusLine's Event Coordinator.


To request PlusLine’s registration services, please agree to the following statement:

I have read the above statement and am in agreement with the terms described (Please enter your name and list the date when signed):

Day Phone:    Date:   I agree: 


NOTE: PlusLine does not endorse or assume responsibility for the content of your event.  The above registration services do not include local advertising to your constituents. We strongly recommend that you allow enough lead time to implement a strategic marketing plan.


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